Birth Story

Wick[ed]'s unique candles illuminate & define a space like no other, all the while seducing one's senses.

Founders, Mark and Samantha, conceived their first distinct candle in their kitchen, as they could not find a single candle on the market that matched their vision for their wedding day (an elegant, dripped candle that burns as a standard pillar, so it wouldn't actually drip and create a mess, but was a real, all wax candle). So what did they do? They rolled up their sleeves and made them themselves, one by one, completely by scratch. They poured their vision and love into each candle, to concoct the most exquisite and ethereal candles they could ever imagine.

 The "Pre-Dripped" Candle was born, and so was Wick[ed]. And so it began...their  passion project quickly turned into a full fledged business, and a new line was created: "Memoir's": The Negative Space Collection. The candles are inspired by provocative authors of the past, and their tumultuous environments at the time of their existence. Each image illuminates through its vessel like no other candle, eliciting the aura and essence of each author's psyche, as well as inhabiting distinct fragrances reminiscent of each fallen author's world.


Seduce your Space.